Monday, September 30, 2013

Swatch of Mac ChatterBox .

Chatter box , a beautiful pink

Chatter Box, a beautiful MAC Pink
   MAC is never been a lipstick to wear only. It always been as #experience to me. Yet, it was neither "Sum thing" to talk abt before i start my ~*~PURPLE~*.
              now, when many of us trying to use online shopping randomly, i think it might help many of you, to decide whether u r looking for this Particular MAC lipstick or not.
      Oki, Im not gona add much word abt it, rather lets Jump on the pix. One imp point to declare, here, i DIDN'T MAKE ANY COLOR ENHANCEMENT , so that you will get quit "as it is" look

                                                                  Price :

     I got my Mac ChatterBox thru gift. My best Buddy Gift me this Lovely lipstick over no occassion but simply for my freaky obsession abt lipsticks . *happy* ^_^ Besides, you can get this Girly pink from with 15$ price. You may try through any FB based page, but in such case, try to go with ur trusted page only. As Mac carry high chance of close dupe.. :)                                         
Beautiful Chatter Box
ChatterBox is an Amplified Cream Lipstick. its not Gliding type, but quite smooth on my lip. its bight, its amplified its inner Pinkness very beautifully.


D gorgeous & Symbolic black Figure of MAC
Cover box: Paper

Name tag from Bottom : Chatter Box A33


its really tough to get on a decision abt the color of a lipstick from picture only. As they are always tone depended and appear deffer to various tone skin.Still, i hope, my this post will come to bit helpful for you all.
Swatch : With out Flash, Under Tube Light.
Under Natural Light, ( not direct sun light.)
 Swatch : With Flash.
Sun light
Day light
Dats how it look under Flash (night tym)
                               My experience :
Chatterbox is known as a Opaque Pink Lipstick from #MAC. In my take, its really a pretty Pink color. Because, Its not Too Opaque, not neon or even Mute...

Day light :
         when i wear it, this pink definably keep buzzing around, but in a very sweet n charming way. Its nor hugely creamy, but you will feel a slight touch of creaminess on lip, which wont chipping on ur lip.                            
        To me, its a Fabulous pink, that i feel comfort to go put on day time, as well as, with mild smoky eye at night :)

              ## If u ask me, Yes, it would be in my SURE Re-purchase list, for sure.... :D :D :D

be stylist... feel beautiful <3 <3 <3