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Ultra Mattes V2 Palette “Dark “ - from Sleek make up

Ultra Mattes V2 Palette“Dark“

thats the way sleek make its commercial :)

 Tell u what, am already in love with this supper matte palette. They truly named it as “DARK” .  all colors are true on eye skin . you know, eye skin is naturally little brownish or reddish for south Asian. For this palette you can use Eye primer or can go without it. Coz, this palette gona pop u up both way :)

from SLEEK official web page

Product :  ~This Eye shadow palette is a out come of famous i-Devine series of “SLEEK make up”. It’s a permanent I - divine Collection.  they claimed this product as “ MINERAL BASED EYE SHADOW PALETTE“ . well, pretty addictive, isn’t it ?
      But there is big RED button flashing on you if have allergy or strong objection abt “ made in CHINA “ logo. Unfortunately YES, it’s designed & developed in UK but MADE in CHINA. So I can give it 6/10, sorry :/
from net
                                             ~May contains ~

  Ingredients : Mica, Talc, Kaolin, Magnesium, Stearate Dimethicone, Paraffinum Liquid, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Propylparaben and Methylparaben, +/- [CI77510, CI 77289, CI 77491, ,CI 77492]. Suitable for vegetarians. Not suitable for vegans.
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 Packing :          
 ~Splash of color play on a matte Black cover, actually give u d first hint, that what it carry inside ;) now once you open this paper box, a OVER slicky Pure Black Pastice box will be at your hand. 
from Beaut And the Beast

BE CAREFUL friends !! this palette is really so smooth n tend to glide that' easy from hand and break your heart :P !!!

Purchase :  it was a long waited palette for me. So when I saw the offer, can’t hold myself from grabbing it. Thanks to “The Ultimate Diva” for bring me this wonderful matte palette. i got it in a special offer price 1630 tk .TAG : The Ultimate Divaa

Palette Design :
from Beaut And the Beast
It's a cute palette that hold 12 color pot inside. Size mentioned at cover as 12 X1.1 g . From my point it deserve 8/10 for design. 2 point is pull down  due to over slickness :/
Palette interior :
from Beaut And the Beast
from Beaut And the Beast
Orbit is a teal colour that has the best pigmentation in this palette.
Ink is a navy blue colour
Thunder is a light grey colour.
Maple is a plum colour.      

from Beaut And the Beast
from Beaut And the Beast

Highness is a gorgeous bright purple colour.
Noir is a really dark green almost black colour.
Flesh is a nude peach.
Paper Bag is a opaque brown colour

from Beaut And the Beast
from Beaut And the Beast

 Dune is a cream colour.
Pillow Talk is an off-white colour.

Villan is a dark purple colour. great to do a 'smokey eyes' look and it looks gorgeous.
Fern is a dark green colour. I really love this one most !

From net
** some timse its hard to open the palette.  
 **Thought this palette called Ultra Mattes V2 Palette  “Dark “ , but it does carry some fresh, soft natural color too. To me, these soft colors are the only draw point of this palette :(

Points that impressed me :: 

Pigmentation : 

 It’s really hard to express the beauty of these 12 color. They are soft, they are silky  n they are seriously beautiful matte :) yes, not all 12, but most of them ( @lst 9 pc )  are crazy pigmented. They show true pan color n trust me, it’s "awesome" in a single word :D Specially the dark colors. Ula laa :P I have tried them even without eye primer n still they are rocking.
* Longevity :  I have used other SLEEK palette but this palette impressed me with its prolonged existence. With eye primer,  ( I have used with both UD & MUA eye primer ) it stay easily 14+ hour. N without primer, it started to fed out after 10+. It means , anyone can confidently go with it for a day out without thinking of re-apply .

from net

* Beauty of matte : considering it's super Longevity, I wana add few more words. u know I have OILY skin type. N I do suffer lots from crease problem :/ .but this matte palette help me to hold color on place even on sunny day.  Its soft, it’s silky but never fall around like other powder based eye shadow.

From Net
From Net

Opinion:  i am surely gona repurchase this lovely palette & Its a ~*~ Purple ~*~ Recommendation :) 

~ Well, dear Friends, plz do shear ur experience with us, if u have ever try it ..
~ Be stylish... Feel beautiful   ♥♥♥                                                ~*~ Purple ~*~