Thursday, April 17, 2014

My simple contouring !


 This is a IN trend and all most every one like this Too Dramatic make up style. Many of us think, this is a very lengthy process/ like you have to do this , then that n bla bla.. But if you want, you can find your own simple way.  At this post, i will try to show my way of Contour n Highlight . Simple, Easy n Much oky in look :) Also, i have add here pic from my previous post !

# Step one :

Choose a Brush, which DOESN'T have too much fluppy or Big Round shape head. A straight line shape brush will give u more dramatic look :)

                                                                  #Step Two :
Then make a Clear Duck face, like you when you are taking breathing sounding "wooooo" ( :P). you will find a clear shadow or wholo right under your cheek bone n jaw line. Mark it with Dark , bold line of Bronzer. Dont be shy girl, all will melt beautifully once you finished up. i tried to show u the points i apply bronzer to contour with deep brown mark.

                                                                # Step Three :

Move your brush, Shrtaight up words, in every stock. NEVER pull it down. else End of make up, it will make Messy blender :( any way, please be sure to reapply, softly each time, as much required. Mark your Cheek bone holo, Forehead, Temp and nose side *if you need, slight.

# Step Four :
Bight up time !!! Chose concealer or highlighter 1 or 2 shade lighter then your own tone. Mark all area, then use your Finger tips or a wet Beauty sponge to blend it VERY GENTLY. later set with any translucent powder. i use NARS Pressed powder, shade# Flesh.

Step Five :

 Pat few Blush Brush's tap on my apple !! later, I put liquide highlighter. Its High Beam from Benefit Cosmetics. I make a "dot dot dot" mark towards up of my cheek line. then simply blend with help of ring finger tip. Dear Girls, its done :) now see the result in following pics... Stay beautiful <3

# Few of my pics where i use simple contouring in narrated way .. Stay Beautiful <3