Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good night kissy for ma Hands... ♥ ♥ ♥

Good night kissy for ma Hands...



Hmm... am a supper lazy gal, no doubt ( :P ) n ma dis laziness took me to d edge of Skin disaster ( no wonder.. :/ ) For last 3 years , since 2009 infect, i have made several tour n trip toward sea beaches . N you know, no matter its Pattaya or  Inani, beach always gona gift u a fresh sunburn every time, more brutally :( Bad me, as i never think to put on some sunscreen or block during those beautiful moments. Infect, i was not following that much caring routing. Yes, if bathing is a routine, then probably its d only habit i keep up for ma daily messy life. :D

 i kno it sound harsh if u are a spring lover bt for our tight schedule life, spring is not a gr8 time if leave your skin alone. Again, during this time, If you put moisturizer, it will turn ur skin oily easily, again, if u dont, it gonna turn dry n flaky. tricky, r8?

        so keeping all this point in mind, i make a simple yet effective routine for ma hands.

yes, its a night time caring schedule. You know, for me, every morning is a racing hour. So not possible to do lots. Rather i feel calm n easy to do any thing at evening after coming back home.

 I have to out @lst 5 days in a week. Going out is not a bad thing, except it gona add some skin irritation caused by dust, pollution n sun beam. So after every tough day, its batter to add sum love for ur hands. Currently what I’m trying, is a 3 simplest step to go.
  • Cleaning
  • Scrubbing
  • Moisturizing  






yap, golden 3 step to keep u fresh n beautiful :)

Cleaning : am choosing Gel bases cleanser or shower gel in simple. 
my current line is BODYSHOP .n as its quite summery outside, am going with fruity mind :) am using  BODYSHOP’s Strawberry shower gel. my current bottle, which i have bought from a branded shop at Gul-2, doesn't really a good quality one. now an waiting for my new bottle to come. i am taking it from Fiable .
this pic taken from net. mine was with mobile n blurry enough :(
For my oily skin tone, it works gr8. i also do prefer to use JLO's "Glowing" series shower gel. i used to add a small amount of gel on ma body lufa to enjoy a bubble wash =)                                 ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~

Scrubbing it was always a little creepy stuff for me. So I used to avoid this article with trepidation of being harsh on ma skin. But I feel good after I’v started using BODYSHOP’s BODY polish series. I have tried a small sample pack of STRAWBERRY body polish from BS while purchasing items in BKK. It was good enough to encourage me n currently am using

Watsons Exfoliating Body Scrub- with Almond Oil from WATSON. Its mild yet effective for my daily use.
Watson body scrub

 as you can see, it has almond oil, so its really not harsh or making ma skin dry. it carry micro bids that exfoliate softly & buffs away dead cells to make skin bit glowing :) so far am happy with this stuff. For future am looking for WATSON or Body shop's body polish line :) 

                                 ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~

Moisurising :

        ~As i follow these steps on n8 time, its eventually quite r8 before i step to ma bed. So i choose " Dreams unlimited Body Butter" from body shop. i took this one from AYAAT's Collection , being inspired by Nowhere girl of  justifying shopaholism

they claim that, "Dreams Unlimited" is a fusion of citrus, green chilli, white flowers and cedarwood notes. So, it has smooth yet a cavernous smell that sooth ma nerve after a hard day. it really keep me bubbly up over night :)

well, its butter, so I do apply it on a light layer on ma hand. It absolve really quick. Not glassy much. you know, the impact of this Butter really shows with a softer n glowing skin at every morning. Trust me, It does makes me happy :D

                              ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~  ~ ♥ ~  ♥ ~

hand lotion

n finaly, i would like to add few lines abt finger. yes, u r r8. am telling abt my fingers which are more subtle than my hand or any other part of Body. So i need bit extra care on this point. i do use a dedicated hand lotion for finger part after every soap wash. For winter i like Vaseline's "Total moisture conditioning " for hand. for summer, though am waiting for my Bodyshop Hand Lotion to come, that i hav ordered from Fiable :) so,r8 now using a non branded Rose flavored hand lotion. I took it from  The Ultimate Divaa

so, thats it.. :D Love your hands, care them well , otherwise, they are going to show ur first sigh of AGING :) 
 be stylish... feel beautiful ♥ ~

             ~♥ plz do shear ur routine with us.. we would loved litsen dear ♥ ~