Sunday, October 6, 2013

Products - That I Cant Imaging a Single Day With Out !!!! Vol -2

                     * Chocomania Lip Butter * The Body Shop*

Lip Butter, Chocomenia,is d most essential among my skin care routine
My skin is Oily based. But my lips are tend to dry very often. So i cant keep them alone for long time. I used to pass my most of the time, under Aircon room. Which is also badly trigger my drying prob. I have tried many brands and their products, over years. From #Vesline to #Nevia ,nothing really can keep me smilling  :/ *sign*
Lip Butter, Chocomenia, The bodyshop
       Finaly, My story ends when i have started to use Lip care line from The Body Shop. Truly, that was the first time my Lips showed some good result. Then i have picked Chocomania, accidentally. yes, u read it r8 :) It was there in my room for 2 months, but i picked her when i lost born lippy.  After first 2 week, i stared to feel, some thing wrong. Actually, i've totaly forget, how it feels with out lip drying :D Since then, i am using it for day time.


    Now its been straight aways 4 months, my lip DIDNT Experience ANY SORT OF DRYNESS for a SINGLE DAY. Now thats called miracle, r8? Am extreamly happy with my this product. It carry little NUT smell, which is yummy. And yes, if you have lip drying tendency, i would loudly RECOMMEND you to go for it .... :D

Be styilish... feel beautiful <3 <3 <3