Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Skin care Night time

My Skin care : Night time

  So we was talking abt skin care. Hmm, of course it does mean both internal n external care. But here i am gona share only the external part, that i follow.
    I start my Night routine with cleansing. Cleansing stand to me as the effective way of make my skin Oil , Dirt or any sort of  makeup. in a regular day, i never use any face products, like face powder or loose powder or any thing. i love to keep ma skin bare :)

Clarins : One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

 So, i don't need any HEAVY MACHINE to done it. Currently i have chose #CLARINS - One step gentle cleanser ( repurchased). I have purchased it from Changi Airport mall, Singapore with the price of 39S$.
Clarins : One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

   It has some very small but effective micro beads which is REALLY SOBER on skin. Most fabulous experience with this product i have is, it never make skin dry, rather leaves a natural oil feelings on my skin. Details abt this lovely product would be here.
    The very next step I follow after wash off ma day long clogging vileness, moisturizing.
One point to clear, typically, its batter to use a toner, for more clarified skin. But i avoid it, because Toning sum times cause break out on My skin. So i directly jumped on Moisturizer. 

Shiseido : White Lucent Emulsion

    Yes, I've Combine skin type with Oily mainstream (My T zone is horribly turn to Oil fiend). But when I chose my moisturizer, I pick an Emulsion from #Shiseido. No doubt, The Superstar Japanese brand turn me blind to pick her up. But it worth. Truly this blindness worth. I have picked her from TANGS, VIVO city, Singapore, paying 95 S$.
Shiseido : White Lucent Emulsion

  Its a water like light fluid, which helps my skin to drink up really quick. This product also claim to be good for make skin EVEN – TONED, ( seems I am recently experiencing such prob :/ ) I cant tell u now wheather its tru or not. i m just using for last 3 months. All i can say, As a moisturizer, its GOOD enough to recommend. Details review would be here.

Next two stuff i put really in quick. Eye cream n Lip balm. I have occasional Dry patch around my Eye area. To solve it simply, The Body shop's vitamin E Eye cream is quit oki.
      But definitely i wont repurchase it. Because Age is happening & life is getting complicated. So i am looking for any Specialize eye gel or cream...BDW, i got this one from Levender, Gul-2. ( the only products i found safe from there)
    I have already shared with my ~*~Purple~*~ lover abt my love for my current lip butter & balm. Every night i do miss his Minty sensual flavor( literary :P) Yes, its EOS, Mint.


  EOS seriously prove VERY effective for my DRY LIP prob. For last 3 months, I CANT FIND A SINGLE DAY when i've experienced any sort of dryness ^_^.  more on, it makes my lip little fuller n more softer then ever... no wonder, ITS A CLEAR RECOMMENDATION for all u, ho fight with Dry lips :) This minty flavor will charge 4.55$ from Amazon.
  Last but not least, i have a STAR in my routine. But not in reguler maner. he is a guest, that i try to use once / twice in a week.                                                                 
 Ole Henriksen is batter known as Magic maker. Every one said so. But i do fear to use it regular. As it contain Some age control serum. i don't want to make my skin dependent on "Age controlling" serum so early. Trully i chose it for its "Vitamin C" boosting principle. It does make skin supple n fresh on a regular use. Picking from Sephora, ION orchard ,Singapore with 85S$, worth. Blast by vivid, yet sweet smell of Vitamin C, here would be a short review of this magic product :)
    with a wish, am stopping here tonight..."i Wish all you would think, this is equally important to be a Beautiful being,
Both internal n external !!

Be stylish... feel beautiful <3 <3 <3